General Information


-         Decision of Establishment No: 67/Q on 18/01/1986.

-         Decision given by: Ministry of Education and Training

-         Juridical Personality: RECTERE has functions and responsibilities as a center belonging to Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology ( HCMUT ) according to The Decree No 35-HDBT on scientific and technological management; RECTERE operates under the direct leadership and management of HCMUT via administrative offices.

-         Fields of Activities: Carry out research on the application of scientific and technological achievements of thermal equipment, refrigerating equipment, and renewable energy.

-         License issued by: Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

-         Address: 268 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Dist.10, Ho Chi Minh City

-         Tel: (08) 8652315 (08) 8653819. Fax: (08) 8636919.

-         Director: Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen

Email: tuyennv@hcmct.edu.vn.


2- Activities:


RECTERE has the responsibilities to carry out scientific research and apply the results to life and production on 3 technological fields:

2.1- Thermal equipment, including:

- Combustion engineering and industrial steam boiler

- Pressure vessel

- Dryer

- Heat exchanger

- Waste heat recovery system

- Heat supply system (steam, condensate, hot water piping); pressured air, and vacuum piping

2.2- Refrigerating equipment, including:

- Freezing and cold storage

- Air conditioning

- Ice making

2.3- Renewable energy, including:

- Windmill for water pumping and wind power generator

- Solar energy

For each of the above technological field, RECTERE can do surveying, study, design, manufacture, install, maintenance and repair as requested by the customer. RECTERE has its own seal and financial account, has the right to sign contracts with outer organizations in order to apply the results of scientific research to satisfy in time the needs of life and production


3 - Facilities


There are 01 main office and 02 workshops

-Thermal Equipment Workshop: in charge of activities 2.1 and 2.2

-Windmill Workshop: in charge of activity 2.3.

In each workshop there are one Chief and a working team including qualified engineers and skillful workers. There are enough equipment for surveying, measuring, research, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair.


4- Scientific Research Topics Being Carried Out


- Research on selection of technological process, designing and manufacturing of refrigerating equipment using local cheap sources of energy (topic at Country level)

- Study and investigate the possibility of electrification for the islands and archipelago using windmill and diesel engine (key topic of VNU-HCM)

- Apply wind energy to serve life and production of Vinh Chau District, Soc Trang Province (topic at Province level)

- Research on selection of technological equipment to use effectively the renewable energy to serve life, production and environmental protection Wind energy division (topic at Country Level)

- Project of wind measuring and evaluation at Phu Quoc Island (with WB and Power Company2)


5- Some achievements applied on large scales


- Steam boiler with steam output up to 5 tons/h, design pressure 11 bar

- Pressure curing autoclave, heating by steam

- Pressure vessel, sterilized pot

- Industrial washing machine, centrifugal extractor, tumbling dryer

- Gas cleaning and ventilation system for industrial factories

- Windmill for water pumping; wind power generator

- Hot water production by solar energy